LeisureLabs and ASENSEI collaborate to bring VertiMax trainers into the Connected Fitness future

LeisureLabs are delighted to announce their partnership with VertiMax, manufacturers of the leading V8 Platform and Raptor products, two of the world’s leading athletic performance training equipment tools.   Trusted by leading sports teams, athletes, coaches and trainers, VertiMax products are specifically designed to maximise athletic potential by focusing on three key components: speed, explosive power, and vertical jump.

In collaboration with their partners at ASENSEI, LeisureLabs will be developing a unique, VertiMax branded companion app.  By integrating ASENSEI’s movement recognition and spatial tracking technology, the new VertiMax app will allow athletes to track their performance using just their smartphone, producing a number of data points including number of repetitions and jump height.  Launching at the end of 2023, the app will provide real-time feedback, coaching tips, fatigue detection and complete session and performance history.  Future plans for the platform include the addition of coaching tips, detailed insights and branded programming.

LeisureLabs are providing full design, product management, mobile and platform development for the VertiMax app, as well as ongoing support and development services.  For legacy equipment brands like VertiMax, with proven products backed by science, developing a companion app experience is a powerful way of bringing their product into the connected health and fitness era.  To learn more about how LeisureLabs can leverage their expertise and partner ecosystem to deliver a digital experience for your brand, get in touch with our team today.