LeisureLabs welcomes Amy Walker to Senior Leadership team

LeisureLabs is expanding its Senior Leadership team with the appointment of Amy Walker as Director of Client Solutions to support the company’s continued growth in North America.

A seasoned digital product development expert, Amy has worked in the retail (Tesco.com) & fitness technology sector (ex David Lloyd Leisure, EGYM & SweatWorks) for 12 years+ in key digital transformation and programme management roles.  With an extensive background in shaping digital strategies, Amy will lead customer engagements across North America, from Vancouver, Canada.

“Big box operators and boutique studios continue to be challenged by the ‘build’ or ‘buy’ dilemma when it comes to creating their digital ecosystem, be it member acquisition tools, member retention experiences or retail upsell tools.  There are a myriad of fitness software solutions on the market today, offering extensive feature sets to unlock a fitness operator’s potential. Unfortunately – there’s not one silver bullet that addresses everything! To get a best in class digital ecosystem, it’s necessary to weave together a combination of these technologies or build from scratch,” said Amy Walker.

“Opting to build bespoke software solutions is tempting. It promises to give you exactly what you want. It feels superior and special. However, it comes at a steep price, is resource intensive, has uncertain timelines and a long-term maintenance and scalability overhead.  On the flip side, pre-built software solutions are set up to scale, have a clear timeline, offer convenience, and take advantage from multiple tenants utilising the platform to enable continuous product development. You can quickly get started and enjoy some essential features. However the out-of-the-box solution might not perfectly align with all your location, team and unique business needs. Investors, C-Suite, staff and members continue to ask for things the product simply doesn’t offer today.

“That’s why I am absolutely thrilled to be joining a talented team who are hyper-focused on carving a hybrid build and buy approach.  You can select and integrate multiple off-the-shelf products to provide you with a solid foundation, while leaving room for customisation to allow for hyper personalisation and market differentiation. This way you get the best of both worlds – a cost-effective solution with room to tailor to your specific business requirements.”

“Amy’s commitment to excellence and her track record of leading teams and projects align perfectly with LeisureLabs’ dedication to our Customers,” said Charles Njoku, Co-Founder of LeisureLabs. “We are confident that her insights and strategic mindset will not only elevate our current project but also pave a way for exciting new partnerships.”