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Brawn Power


Brawn Power operates a consumer-facing mobile application focused on helping fitness operators generate personal training leads and reduce personal training churn.

In Q1 2024, Brawn introduced a new feature that enabled one of Europe's leading gym and fitness operators to offer a small group training offering, to bridge the gap between group exercise and 1:1 personal training.
Brawn - Challenge


Seeking to expedite and elevate the release of this new group coaching feature, Brawn sought a technology partner proficient in crafting elegant and seamless booking and purchasing experiences, alongside an adeptness in integrating third-party software solutions.

Brawn Power engaged LeisureLabs to build:

1. a back-of-house ‘administrative portal’ which allows internal Brawn team members to manage small group coaching bookings and payments; on behalf of members and personal trainers

2. a ‘small group coaching calendar’, to allow personal trainers and management, to review availability and capacity, and optimise scheduling


LeisureLabs developed a software requirements specification in collaboration with the Brawn Power product team, and provided experienced fitness and wellness project delivery team to support the development of the administrative portal and small group coaching calendar. 

Resources included a Business Analyst, Senior PHP/Laravel Engineer and Quality Assurance Engineer.


LeisureLabs delivered a comprehensive back-end solution to allow Brawn Staff members to manage group coaching bookings and payments, including creating, updating, cancelling group coaching sessions, making payment and supporting refund of group coaching sessions and recording session history.

LeisureLabs also developed a front-end web application which included a 14 day timetable / schedule for personal trainers and a real-time dashboard displaying key statistics including cumulative revenue per personal trainer, members booked, members signed up, etc.


LeisureLabs delivered the new features to the timeline Brawn Power had committed to one of Europe's leading gym and fitness operators. After a successful trial in Q1 2024, these features are now being rolled out to the estate of clubs. Brawn Power is also looking to adopt these custom features to their core product.