MetaGym – Mobile App


LeisureLabs were engaged by fitness technology startup MetaGym to develop a web3.0 “Exercise to Earn” application with workout tracking, gamification and blockchain functionality.


MetaGym were looking for a technology partner with experience in developing native mobile applications for fitness-centric consumers, including areas such as heart rate tracking and wearable integration. They were looking to develop a consumer application that allows users to track their heart rate during a workout using a variety of devices, and convert their effort into digital currency through their proprietary HRT “heart rate token” algorithm. Users also needed the ability to purchase and manage their own unique avatar, which could be connected to their digital wallet.


LeisureLabs developed a specification in collaboration with MetaGym’s internal product and design teams, and provided engineering resources to develop, test and launch the application in three phases across a four month engagement. LeisureLabs provided a range of experts including technical architects, product owners, business analysts, mobile and backend developers as required at different stages of the project. The project was delivered on a fixed scope/fixed price basis, and the mobile application employed a variety of technologies including Flutter, Python and Django.


The final product allowed users to choose an avatar from MetaGym’s extensive library which matched their preferred type of training. Users could “mint” their own avatar or choose an existing one from the MetaGym marketplace, and add this to their own blockchain wallet. They could then connect their wallet to the application’s workout tracking tool using the native Apple Watch app, or any compatible Bluetooth heartrate monitor. This would allow users to track their heartrate in real time during any workout, share their stats using a variety of social media channels and earn $HRT tokens for their effort. $HRT could then be used to “level up” the user’s avatar or exchanged for cryptocurrency to be used outside the MetaGym app.


LeisureLabs delivered the project in a series of releases over four months, each of which were delivered on time and on budget. The resulting application was rapidly adopted by the MetaGym community, allowing them to validate their business model and raise further funding. Following the initial engagement, LeisureLabs have been retained by MetaGym on an ongoing basis for further development of the application and technology platform. A number of new features are now in development including enhanced avatar functionality, expanded wearable integrations and additional earning modalities such as sleep tracking.