Move Technologies – BOB AI Chatbot

Move Technologies


LeisureLabs were engaged by their long term client, Move Technologies, to develop “BOB”, an AI personal trainer which allowed fitness operators to keep their customers engaged using a conversational AI tool for a variety of acquisition and retention purposes.


Move Technologies were looking to develop a conversational web and mobile tool using Large Language Model (“LLM”) technology which could be trained to solve a variety of fitness operator business challenges. Specific use cases included member acquisition - converting prospects into qualified leads and sales using content and conversational messaging, and retention - providing guidance and motivation for existing members, and acting as a “digital assistant” which can answer member questions through real-time conversation.


LeisureLabs developed a trainable AI chat tool using the OpenAI GPT3 framework (later upgraded to GPT4). In addition to web and mobile chat tools which allowed users to have their own conversations with BOB, the tool also featured a multi-tenant backend component allowing operators to “train” the AI by uploading resources, prompts and data (such as FAQs, training tips, information on specific exercises or products, and class timetables) which would allow the AI to develop unique knowledge relating to the client’s business and operating model. A proof of concept application was developed using the Open AI platform alongside a series of native and low code tools, including Flutter, FlutterFlow, Django and HTML.


The final product included a “web chat” tool which could be embedded into an existing mobile app or website, along with a native mobile application with a “one click” download/registration process which features native chat functionality, in addition to a “pass book” feature which allows operators to share discounts and guest passes with BOB users as part of their sales conversion process.


Built in less than three months, the BOB AI chat tool was deployed immediately across a number of operators as a sales and retention tool. In one example, Move Technologies worked with a leading fitness operator to convert more prospects into qualified leads and sales using BOB’s content and conversational messaging features to help automate the process of member acquisition and create a more consistent follow up process for inbound leads prior to handing off to a member of the sales team. Over a 5 month period, over 800 new sales leads were generated, resulting in 144 new membership sales and a 536% return on investment.