Revo Fitness – QR Code Access Control

Revo Fitness


Revo Fitness is a prominent HVLP (high volume, low price) gym operator based in Australia. Unlike most HVLP operators, Revo Fitness has fully staffed front desks to deal with member enquiries and troubleshooting.
This project focused on integrating a QR code-based entry system within Revo Fitness’ mobile app, developed in collaboration with EGYM and Perfect Gym.


Revo Fitness was hoping to reduce member access fraud without incurring additional operational overheads through enhancements to their existing mobile app.


The approach involved the development of a custom mobile app feature that allowed gym access via QR codes. This QR entry system was designed to eliminate the need for physical scanners at the gym, thereby reducing the need for new hardware costs and potential for membership fraud. The development team collaborated closely with Perfect Gym to ensure integration with their management software and with EGYM for the app development.


The solution was a new QR code reading feature within the existing mobile app, which members could use to gain access to Revo Fitness facilities. The app checks the validity of a user’s membership and their geographical location to ensure that access is granted only at the gym premises. 
The app connects with Perfect Gym's API, which manages access control permissions, thus enabling a contactless entry that is both quick and secure.


The QR-based entry system mitigated the need for the Revo Fitness facilities to purchase expensive hardware and minimised membership fraud risks. 
Leveraging members' smartphones as scanners, the system not only enhanced user experience but also boosted operational efficiency and scalability, supporting Revo Fitness’ rapid expansion plans.