Thriveologie – Website Redesign


Corporate wellness platform, Thriveologie, engaged LeisureLabs to reimagine their member dashboard to provide a more intuitive and engaging experience for their users.


The Thriveologie platform provides a wide range of wellbeing content for employees which is made available to them free of charge by their employer or office facilities. Thriveologie were looking to incorporate a rewards and engagement tool into the platform which allowed users to earn rewards and discounts in return for consuming content. Combined with the range of content options which are available on the platform, this additional component had the potential to create an overwhelming and confusing experience for users. LeisureLabs were tasked with creating an intuitive dashboard which provided a clear overview of reward earning opportunities and current reward status and signposted users to relevant content.


The LeisureLabs team worked with Thriveologie to devise a rewards offering which encourages users to interact more regularly with their platform, integrating a third party rewards solution and designing a new “dashboard” experience which allows users to quickly view their rewards, progress, achievements and relevant/favourite content. LeisureLabs provided wireframes and high fidelity designs for a series of new pages to be integrated into the existing WordPress website.


The loyalty solution developed for Thriveologie allows users to earn points for any content consumed or other engagement with the Thriveologie platform. Earning points allows users to “level up” through a series of statuses from Bronze to Platinum. At each status, new rewards and discounts are unlocked, and each month the user’s points reset, ensuring that they continue to interact regularly with the platform in order to maintain their status. The new dashboard, achievements and rewards pages created by the LeisureLabs UX/UI team allow users to easily track their progress towards the next status, as well as seeing recommended content which will help them to earn more points and rewards.


The inclusion of a rewards component within the Thriveologie offering has provided a significant competitive differentiator, and has resulted in significant additional business from employers and property owners wishing to offer a “wellness rewards” programme for their staff. The gamification provided by the status rewards has also resulted in a 100%+ increase in dwell time on the Thriveologie platform and a significant uplift in the number of regular and repeat users across all employer locations.