VertiMax – Mobile App


VertiMax manufactures the world’s leading athletic training performance equipment, including the VertiMax V8 vertical jump and speed training system and the VertiMax Raptor. They engaged LeisureLabs to build a solution which would incorporate digital measurement into their existing range of jump training products.


VertiMax products have been trusted by thousands of the best coaches, athletic trainers, and experts in high performance sports training across the world since 1998. Their products provide an extremely effective training solution, but VertiMax were looking to elevate the experience further by providing a digital measurement, coaching and feedback system which could be used in conjunction with the existing product range. LeisureLabs were engaged to design a cost effective way of tracking and measuring athletes while using the VertiMax jump training system, providing a summary of each workout session as well as insights and recommendations on technique and performance.


LeisureLabs assessed a number of off-the-shelf and custom solutions which could be used to meet this challenge including load cells, pressure sensors, ultrasound, infrared, accelerometer hardware and computer vision technology. Taking into account the desired measurement parameters as well as the available budget and desire for a solution with minimal hardware cost, LeisureLabs recommended a computer vision based approach. This solution would allow VertiMax users to track and measure their sessions using the camera technology available in their own smartphone. In order to further reduce cost and improve time to market, LeisureLabs worked with their partners at ASENSEI, global leaders in movement recognition and coaching intelligence technology for connected fitness products, to develop a branded mobile app for VertiMax users.


The VertiCoach app designed and developed by LeisureLabs is a natively compiled cross-platform mobile application built using Flutter. A core set of features are available in a free version of the app, while additional functionality can be unlocked through a paid upgrade. By combining ASENSEI’s core capabilities of movement recognition with their ASENSEI XR spatial tracking technology, LeisureLabs were able to develop a seamless tracking and feedback experience showing jump height, time of flight and velocity in real time. The VertiCoach app gives direct feedback on jump symmetry, alerts VertiMax users when they are showing signs of fatigue and provides a detailed workout history and summary of progress over time.


The VertiCoach app was delivered on time and within budget, meeting the original objectives for digital jump measurement and feedback. The requirement for a low cost, retrofittable hardware solution for users was exceeded, since the computer vision approach required no additional hardware other than a smartphone. During the project, it became clear that the app delivered such additional value to VertiMax users that it could justify a standalone fee. As a result, the design of the app was extended to include “free” and “paid” features, providing an incremental revenue stream for VertiMax from paid subscriptions.