Move Technologies announces LeisureLabs as new technology partner

Move Group, which owns the UK’s largest marketplace of fitness activities, MoveGB providers and Move Technologies a leading digital solutions providing for large fitness operators, including HireBOB.AI, an AI fitness sales rep, has entered into a long term agreement with LeisureLabs to provide ongoing technology support and development resources for their expanding platform.

Under this new partnership, LeisureLabs will provide enhanced engineering coverage for Move’s products and services, allowing them to accelerate development of a number of major new products to be launched in the coming months.

“As we continue to expand our platform, we were looking for a partner who can help support our rapid growth”, says Alister Rollins, Founder and CEO of Move.  “In addition to having the global resources we need to stay flexible, LeisureLabs have a huge amount of experience in the fitness and leisure industry, so it’s great to be working with a partner who really understands our business.  Their experience in developing and supporting i partner platforms will also be hugely helpful to us as we release new products to the global fitness market ”

“We are delighted to be working with the Move team”, says Alex Peacock, Founder of LeisureLabs.  “They have built some truly innovative products for the fitness sector over the past few years, and we are very fortunate that they have selected us to support their product development activities going forward.”

Move’s UK-based team will continue to support their thousands of users and fitness operators worldwide, supported by LeisureLabs product and engineering experts in the UK, Europe and China.