MetaGym and LeisureLabs collaborate to build the next generation of “exercise to earn”

MetaGym – a leading web3 “Exercise to Earn” application which pays its users in cryptocurrency for performing health behaviours – has partnered with LeisureLabs to develop its next generation user platform.

MetaGym is the first exercise-to-earn application in the market to utilise biometric data from smart watches and heart rate monitors to earn cryptocurrency through heart rate.  The app uses the Polygon blockchain – the Mark Cuban-backed chain that is partnered with brands such as Coca-Cola and Starbucks – to reward users for their positive, holistic approach to healthy behaviours through exercise, meditation, sleep, nutrition and more through gamification to enhance motivation.

LeisureLabs is providing a dedicated engineering team with expertise in development of mobile, web, data and blockchain applications to develop the next generation of the MetaGym platform.  The new user experience launching later this year will integrate with leading wearable devices, including Apple Watch and Samsung Watch, providing users with a convenient way to track their workouts, purchase NFTs, participate in challenges and earn cryptocurrency from physical activity.

“When we were looking for a tech partner who understood not just the web3.0 space but also the fitness industry, LeisureLabs was the obvious choice,” says Eddie Lester, Founder and CEO of MetaGym.  “They understand the market better than anyone, and the speed with which their engineering teams have grasped our needs and started to deliver great results is seriously impressive.”

Under this long term partnership between the companies, LeisureLabs founders, Alex Peacock and Charles Njoku, will also become technology advisors to MetaGym.